Class Schedule





NEW 2021-2022 SCHEDULE (click to download a copy)
Non-dance days: 
Dance Pictures: TBA  Recital: TBA

Non-dance days: 12/21-1/2, 2/15, 4/5-4/10, 5/31 
Dance Pictures: Friday June 18th
Recital: Sunday June 27th

TEACHERS: Nicole Ceccarelli NC  Alison Seymour AS Leewan Yeoman LY Lisa Andrews LA Savvy Core SC Gianna Fua GF Sarah Jennings SJ Miranda Donaldson MD 

NOTE: Ages for classes are approximate. Instructor will determine placement in higher level classes. Schedule is subject to change base on enrollment.


Registration & Forms

Registration/Insurance fee......................$30.00
All students are required to pay this fee once a year upon registration. Receipt of completed registration/waiver along with your $30.00 fee will hold your place in class. If your class fills, your name will be placed on a waiting list. Download our enrollment form on our homepage. 

Class Costs


Note: Tuition holds your place in class for the ten month session and is not considered as payment per lesson. Total value of lost dance days due to holiday or holiday breaks has been considered and is reflected in the monthly tuition amount. (Click to download the Enrollment Form.)***A non-refundable Registration fees per dancer of $30 is required. In order to determine and allow for availability, class size, and safety. 


$38 for a 30 minute class

$48 for a 45 minute class

$58 for a 50 minute class  

Class rate:
2 x week: $90.00
3 x week: $130.00
4 x week: $170.00

5 x week: $210.00

Unlimited Recreational $245.00

Private training: Available upon request.

Family Rate: $10 off for each additional family member. Family members are parents and their children, or more than one child from the same household. Discounts will not be given to one person paying tuition for members outside the family. Family rate does not apply to private lessons.

TUITION PAYMENTS: TUITION IS NON-REFUNDABLE, IT IS DUE THE 1ST OF THE MONTH PRIOR TO THE LESSONS. Invoices are sent out on the 25th of the prior month. Our Season is 10 months long the "Monthly Tuition" rate is based on season enrollment, not lessons per month. The total value of lost dance days due to holiday or holiday breaks has been considered and is reflected in the "monthly tuition" amount.  A 30 day cancelation notification is required. There will be a $15.00 late fee for payments received after the 5th. All students pay for every lesson, no deductions or adjustments will be allowed for missed classes. Tuition is held as a reservation in class not as payment per lesson. Once performance costumes are paid they are non-refundable. There is a $30.00 charge on all returned checks. Payments can be made in person at the studio by check, cash, or through our invoicing system online (Invoice inquires should be addressed to Morimoto Company:


Class Descriptions

NOTE: Ages for classes are approximate.  Instructor will determine placement in higher level classes.  Schedule subject to change.  

NEW! Musical Theatre:
In musical theatre students will focus on theater etiquette and theatre knowledge. Students will spend time on dancing to musical theatre music, script reading and stage direction. This class is 50min long.

Tutu Toddlers (2.5-3.5 year-olds):
Dancers begin exploring the world of music and body movement along side their parents watching. Half way through the year, dancers are then with their instructor privately. These classes focus on the development of fine and gross motor skills as well as the development of rhythmic awareness, and provide the perfect environment of movement through imagination, while demonstrating basic ballet and tap movements. This class is 45min long and includes both ballet and tap. Each class closes with a Story-like lesson about a dancer or dance in order to enhance their knowledge of the art.

Exploring Ballet/Tap or Jazz Combo (4-5.5 year-olds):
In Exploring Ballet/Tap the beginning of shaping fundamental understanding of Ballet, Tap, Jazz begins. Students are still learning their relationship with music and creative movement. Each class closes with a Story-like lesson about a dancer or dance in order to enhance their knowledge of the art. This class is 50min long and includes both Ballet, and/or Tap/Jazz.​

Pre-Ballet/Tap or Jazz Combo (6+):
In Ballet/Tap the fundamental understanding of Ballet and/or Tap/Jazz has begun, and students begin to learn classic Ballet Movement, Tap Movements and Jazz Movements. Students will spend more time at the ballet barre, center floor and across the floor exercises. Each class closes with an opportunity to explore free movement through freeze dance or small dance combination. This class is 50min and includes both Ballet and/or Tap/Jazz.

In tumbling students will focus on strength, flexibility and artistic gymnastics on the floor. Students will spend time on conditioning, strength and acrobatic movements. This class is 50min long.


In Tech/Turns/Strength students are able to focus and work on their dance technique, strength, and fitness cardio. Students will spend time going across the floor while working on specific elements to improve turning and jumping. This class is 50min long.

Hip Hop:

In hip hop class dancers will earn the latest industry styles with an emphasis on rhythm, funk, and attitude. Progression in this class will enhance coordination, strength, quickness and endurance. This class is 45min long.


Saturday Tricks Session:

This is a drop-in only class. Offered once a month for students to work on specific dance tricks. This class is 1 hour, and is offered in both beginning and intermediate levels.


Private Training:

TTT offers personal training in yoga, technique, strength training and flexibility by appointment only

Dance is the hidden language
of the soul of the body,
–Martha Graham