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Studio Tour

Nicole's vision for Tip Tap Toe Dance Studio is to promote a healthy professional environment where dancers of all experiences come together to inspire each other and enrich their surrounding community.

Studio Policies

Studio Policies


  • Children will be supervised by parent/adult at ALL times while in the studio.

  • Dancers will arrive on time with the proper dance attire, and hair pulled back

  • The viewing area is to be used as a quiet play area, or homework area only.

  • NO Food/Drinks/Gum in the dance studio.

  • NO jumping on the furniture, or running in the studio

  • NO Street shoes in the dance studio

  • NO siblings in the dance studio


Makeup classes are allowed during the session, one per month. If your child cannot attend class you must call in advance, no after-the-fact makeup classes will be allowed. Students are expected to arrive on time and participate in body warm up session. Any student arriving 15 minutes late must observe class rather than participate, as to avoid possible injury to improperly stretched and warmed muscles.

You may observe your child's progress from the waiting area. All siblings and other children must be supervised, no unattended children allowed anywhere in the building. Children MUST be supervised and are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Please read our Studio and Student Code of Conduct.  

Parents may discuss any matters with the instructor or contact the instructor through Tip Tap Toe Dance Studio’s email or phone. Or fill out a Student/Teacher/Parent Concern Form, for an appointment.


* Each class has a dress code. Students NOT arriving in proper dance attire must observe class rather than participate. Dance shoes MUST be worn at ALL times unless it is a tumbling class. 


Tutu Toddler/Mini Ballerina: Any Color Leotard, Pink ballet shoes, black buckle tap shoes, hair pulled back, (tights-optional).

ALL Ballet: Black Leotard, Pink tights, pink ballet shoes. Hair in Bun. (pink or black sheer skirt-optional).


Tap: Black Leotard, Pink tights, black buckle tap shoes. [Oxford taps for 7+], hair pulled into a bun, 

ALL Ballet/Jazz (split classes): Black Leotard, Pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair pulled into a bun,  (pink or black sheer skirt-optional). Any color Jazz shorts can be worn during jazz. Tan Jazz shoes (no laces). 

All Tech/Turns: Tan jazz shoes (no laces), Any color leotard, jazz pants or dance shorts (tights-optional). Hair pulled back into a bun. 

Tumbling/Flexiblity: Any color leotard, jazz pants or dance shorts (tights-optional). Hair pulled back. Bare feet. 


Musical Theatre/Tricks & Choreography: Tan jazz shoes (no laces), Any color leotard, jazz pants or dance shorts (tights-optional). Hair pulled back.

Hip Hop/Pontails and Pom Poms: Any color leotard or fitted tank top, dance shorts. Hair pulled back into a low bun, or ponytail. Clean tennis shoes.

Boys: If Boys are in a class that requires jazz shoes, they must be black jazz shoes no laces. If boys are in a class that requires tap shoes they must be black Oxford taps. Boys attire is black bottoms (black shorts or sweats) and a white top. 

NO jewelry or accessories are to be worn during class time. All Tech/Turns classes are required to wear ankle weights (click here to buy from AMAZON) and have resistance bands. Yoga blocks are highly recommended.

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